Mounted on patented "FUTURE" floor stand.
PVC belt is adopted for smooth and efficient conveying.
Height adjustable floor stand. PNL series has angel adjustable function with a range of 0°~25°.
CB series has material fence to faciliate regrind conveying, optionally available for PNL series.
Sidewalls for CB (CBD) series、SV series and PNL series are 95 mm、34 mm and 75 mm respectively.
CBD/CB/SV/PNL series are equipped with speed regulators as standard. The safe regulating range for normal use is 3~6m/min (the scale on control panel is 4.5~10).
Release signal socket for sprue picker is an option for SV series.
Power supply for CB、CBD、PNL and SV series are 1Ф, 230V, 50/60Hz.