Air inlet is designed for regulation of air flow.
Easily removable for ease of installation and operation.
All surfaces in contact with material are made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination.
Equipped with rotary speed adjustable motor to adjust the feeding amount according to actual demand.
The static eliminator quickly neutralize static electricity on the surface of material.
The material suction blower is protected from dust by the easy-maintenance air filter and dust collection bin.
SDS-500 has alarm indicator for quick fault indicating.
SDS-500 has material loading blower and photosensor hopper to perform automatic material loading.
The efficiency of dust separating can reach 80%.
SDS-100/250 can optionally collocate with auto loaders to realize the automatic material conveying.
SDS-500 can optionally collocate with storage tank (Include level motor and suction box).