P.I.D. multi-stage temperature control system can maintain an mould temperature with an accuracy of ±0.5℃.
Adopts high efficiency water cycle pump, with which precise moulds and mould loop with minor diameter can achieve precise temperature control and high efficient heat exchange. Pump inside adopts stainless steel to avoid explosion.
Multiple safety devices including power reverse phase protection, pump overload protection, overheat protection and low level protection that can automatically detect abnormal performance and indicate this via visible alarm.
For standard STM-HPW, the heating temperature can reach 180℃.
Equipped with high pressure protection, safety pressure relieving, automatic water supplying and air exhausting.
STM-HPW adopts indirect cooling, which makes temperature control more precise. The low viscosity of water realizes fast heat exchange.
Adopt magnetic pump with no leakage.
Water manifolds and Teflon hose are optional.
RS485 communication function is optional.