Volumetric Dosers - SCM

SCM series volumetric dosers are suitable for auto-proportional mixing of virgin materials, regrinds, master- batch or additives. A gear motor with gear ratio of 38 : 1 or 75:1 is coupled to a dosing screw of 12, 14 or 16mm diameter to give a total of six models with output. ranging from 0.1~32kg/hr. Double color dosers can be assembled from two single color dosers if required. Five components automatic mixing can be realized if customers adopt four color dosers.

Gravimetric Doser SGD

SGD series dosers are suitable for auto-proportional mixing of virgin material, regrinds, masterbatch or additives. The motor with gear ratio of 38:1 is coupled to a dosing screw of 12, 14 or 16mm in diameter to give a total of three models with the output ranging from 0.04~32kg/hr. Double color dosers can be assembled from two single color dosers according to customers, requirements.

Gravimetric Blenders - SGB

SGB series gravimetric blenders can be used in the fields of injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines and extrusion lines for proportionally precise mixing of several types of material. This series machines adopt SIEMENS PLC controller and latest ingredients calculation methods.The machine is controlled by an advanced microprocessor with a digital display that is simple to calibrate. The self-compensation and calibration function ensure accurate material dosing percentages. A high precision electronic weighing scale is used to ensure precise weighing of every batch and ensure accuracy to ± 0.1%~ 0.3%. There are 42 models available to be selected based on various materials and throughputs. (This series are not suitable for powder and sheet pieces weighing)

Storage Mixers - SSM-U

To achieve the aim of mixing material, screw blades are used to generate vortex. Materials are sucked towards mixing screws at the center of hopper bottom by vortex, then materials whirl upward to the top and fall down so that the evenly mixing can be fulfilled in a short period.

Vertical Batch Mixers - SVM-U

SVM-U is mainly used for mixing plastics as raw materials, masterbatch and recycled materials. SVM-U can not be used dealing with plastic powder and all kinds of foods, chemicals, and inflammable, explosive and volatile materials. Bulk density should be taken into account when the dimension of material is uneven or in other forms.

Proportional Valves - SPV-U

SPV-U series proportional valves mix regrind and new materials in a proper proportion, and then send them back to the moulding machine to achieve a proportional mixing and loading effect. It features directly mounted on loaders or mounted on the pipeline. Besides, it is applicable to Euro loaders and has to equip control box to perform when in other situations.

Metal Detecting Separators - SMS

SMS series metal detecting separators are highly sensitive and accurate in detecting and separating metal grains, such as steel, iron, copper, aluminium, lead, tin, and so on. Its principle is when metal impurities pass through it, electrical detector can send a signal to control board to start valve to discharge the impurity materials. Pneumatic discharging system takes little space and ensures good performance. It can be installed directly on injection moulding machine or (extruders) hoppers to protect the screw of machine from the damage caused by hard metals. There are three models of the series: SMS-35~70, processing capacity can reach up to 400L/hr~5,000L/hr to meet any specific requirement.

Dust Separators - SDS

SDS is suitable for removing dust in plastic materials such as PET, PA, and PC etc. It is not used for dealing with plastic recycled materials. Please inform us as the material need anomalous temperature or close-loop circulation after drying. SDS-100/250 is only applicable for the dust-separating of virgin material; SDS-500 is applicable on the floor mount.

Loss-in-weight Feeder SLWF

SLWF loss-in-weight feeders are suitable for starve feeding, especially for double-screw extruder applications with which the screws can be effectively saved and product quality can be greatly improved.

Volumetric Ratio of Two Feed Mixer SVTM

It is mainly applicable for occasions such as different proportional mixing of virgin and recycled materials, or two different materials.